Sunday, November 25, 2018


As the holiday season approaches, we tend to get bombarded with planning our family feasts, Christmas shopping, travelling, and end of the year parties.  What about our nails? Which color should we pick that’ll match with our cocktail dresses? What shades are in this season?

There are several “go-to” colors that you can rely on years after years such as: You Don’t Know Jacques! and Lincoln Park After Dark or even Big Apple Red.  Maybe you should think about going out of your comfort zone and switch up your colors this year.

We have compiled a list of several popular shades this season that everyone’s raving about!  Why did we choose these shades? It’s simply because they coincide with the new fashion trends this Fall/Winter on the runway.  Popular brands created matching and similar shades for gel polish and dipping powder to give us more options to select since most of us have steered away from the traditional polish long ago. With that said, don’t hesitate to wear something new this holiday season.  You might be surprised of the result!

1. Nudes. Yes, nudes!  Before you turn a blind eye on this post, let us explain.  In recent years, some of us, celebrities included, were going for the natural look wearing little to no makeup that created the No Makeup Revolution.  No more hiding behind a mask to make us feel beautiful and confident. So why not choose a lighter shade of color that would complement our natural skin tone?  Whether you wear regular nail polish, gel, or dipping powder, you will surely find the shade you’re searching for. OPI, SNS, and CND are some of the brands that came out with an abundance of nudes that you can choose from.  Trust us! Give it a try!


2. Gray.  If you aren’t accustomed to wearing nudes on your fingernails, have you thought about shades of gray?  Gray is also considered as the new nudes this season. You’ll be surprised how well it can complement your skin tone as much as a nude color.  As a matter of fact, gray nail colors will act as additional accessories to whatever you decide to wear this season.


3. Burgundy.  If you haven’t noticed, OPI and other popular brands have experimented with Burgundy lately. Some of us may refer burgundy as a cranberry or wine color.  ‘Tis the season to be jolly, variety of “cranberry” and “wine” shades are absolutely gorgeous and fun to wear!


4. Navy.  Navy isn’t just for a special occasion anymore, but more of an addition to this year’s Fall/Winter fashion trend and nail colors.


5. Patone/Violet.  Now, some of us without a doubt will immediately go with Black or Red to match the season and festivities. There’s nothing wrong with going BOLD and BEAUTIFUL and try a violet color!


We’ve only shared with you several shades for each color, but there are so much more to choose from.  Don’t forget to ask your nail technicians to show you the selections they have available in their salon!  

Be hip. Be chic. Be posh.

—Victoria XOXO